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Many local members of the community have over the years volunteered their time to help maintain the grounds of our cemetery. We welcome the help as we are a non profit organization and are challenged each year to stretch our financial resources to cover all maintenance costs. If you have a few hours to spare and like to garden or trim trees and bushes, please contact our office and we will gladly discuss with you the many ways in which you might help us continue to maintain our grounds at the highest level possible.
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They Came, They Saw and They Conquered (Spring 2015)

The Trenton High School "Outer Limits" group once again showed their on going contribution to our community at large yesterday when they accepted the challenge of raking up the mountains of leaves at St. George's Cemetery located on Dug Hill Road.

Under the skilled guidance of Jeff McDougall who has supervised this outreach group for many years, they arrived at the cemetery on their bikes and quickly pitched in to make a huge difference in the appearance of the south perimeter berm by raking up what seemed to be truck loads of leaves.

Twenty students in all, full of life and energy, they were all a tribute to their families in how well they performed the task at hand. While we read so many bad press stories about the youth, here is a fine example that there are many more positive stories to tell but sadly it is the bad ones that seem to draw the attention of the media.

An interesting aside, this work was done as our Prime Minister and hundreds of WWII veterans were in Holland celebrating the 70th anniversary of the liberation of that country by our Canadian Troops. Jeff McDougall's parents were there in honour of his Grandfather who was part of that campaign. Below you will see the Outer Limits group, taking time to stand behind each of the British War Grave Headstones that are located at the cemetery.

There is much to be celebrated across the ocean and much too to be proud of here in our own back yard. Well done young men and women, and thank you Jeff for organizing the trip, very thoughtful and appreciated by all who have loved ones resting in this special place.

Gerry Quick
Board Chairman